Osaka TOMATO Guesthouse FAQ

Q. Does your guesthouse have curfew?
A. NO.
We have NO CURFEW. At your check-in, we will give you a PIN code to unlock the entrance door and a room key to the guests in a private room. You can come in and go out anytime.
From 9 pm to 9 am, the entrance door will be locked for security.
We will turn off all the lights at 11 pm. Please keep quiet after the time.
Q. Can you keep my luggage before check-in or after check- out?
We can keep your luggage during the time (9 am-11 am, until 5 pm) if you need.
Q. Can I access to internet?
We have an internet connection (Wi-fi) in the guesthouse for free.
Q. Is there a smoking space in the guesthouse?
A. We have NO smoking area and space.
 DO NOT SMOKE in the guesthouse.
Q. Do you provide some meals?
A. No.
You can cook at a kitchen in the guesthouse. It has cookwares like a knife. Please clean up for other guests after the cooking.
Q. Do you have a shower room?
We have two shower rooms. You can take a shower anytime (24 hours) for free.
Q. Do you provide towels?
You can rent a towel (small one for 50 yen, large one for 100 yen) at lobby.
Q. Are there any rooms with private shower and toilet?
A. No.
We have only communal shower rooms and toilets.
Q. Is there any convenience stores or supermarkets?
A. Yes.
A convenience store is located for 3 min by walk from our hostel.
Some supermarkets are located for 10 min by walk from here.
Q. Can I pay by credit card?
A. Yes.
We accept the card VISA, MASTER, JCB and AMEX.
We will add 5% extra charge on your accommodation fee if you need that.
Q. Can I stay with my children?
A. Yes.
We will accept over 6 years old children as our guests. The room rate is same to adult ones.
Q. Can you tell me your cancellation policy?
A. The day before your check-in: No charge
The day of your check-in: 100 percent of room charges
If you cancel your reservation, please let us know at least 1 day
before your check-in date.